Butterfly Confetti

Courtesy: mypartyplanner.com

Someone I don’t know has brought cheer to my day, this day, and for many days past. All I know about this person is that she is 30 and she had a birthday. You know those little shelf things that you put computer monitors on to make your monitor at eye height instead of shoulder height? I have one of those on my desk at work. On the shelf is a scattering of table confetti. A silver, a green and a pink butterfly, an orange flower, a pink balloon, a purple heart, a couple of 30’s and a dozen tiny silver stars. They are cheerful and fun and often make me smile.

I don’t know who so carefully chose these particular objects to be part of her confetti mix or why she thought they would be good to throw into the envelopes containing invitations to her 30th birthday party. I don’t know if she’s tall, short, studious or sporty. All I know is she gave an envelope with confetti to each of three guys I work with. Three guys, who were totally unimpressed, laughed and then threw them all over my desk because I’m a girl and girls like this stuff.

It was a LOT of glitter! It gave us all a laugh and lightened our day. With so much glitter I couldn’t help but share it. So a few weeks later, when a colleague had her 30th birthday she was greeted to a desk cluttered with birthday glitter. That cheered her day too.

Months have passed and I still have a smattering of glitter on my shelf, bringing smiles to my days. It’s a constant reminder that my actions can ripple out to beyond those I know to people I may never meet. Kindness and fun have a way of doing that.

I wonder which of my acts of kindness have flowed further than I imaged. I wonder how I can do more. Kindness from a stranger often means more than from a loved one, but every act of kindness is important. We all need more kindness in our world, whether that is as little as butterfly glitter on a desk or as big as child sponsorship.

I challenge you today to go and do 3 random acts of kindness to people. May be you know them, may you won’t. Just find 3 things you can do to be kind to others. I wonder what my 3 acts will be…

What 3 acts of kindness do you do today? How did the receiver feel? How did you feel? What is the kindest thing someone has done for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Butterfly Confetti

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  2. Hey Gail, When we were in New Zealand this trip we went to buy you some Cadbury Milk Chocolate (New Zealand recipte) but to our shock, horror and thwarting our planning, found that it was made in AUSTRALIA!!!! We had thought to bring it home to you so you could taste the NZ version. Sorry, but we tried…

    Nice photo on your About page, btw.


    • Australia has the best chocolate anyway – my favourite is AUSTRALIAN Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. I’ve tried the same in other countries but don’t like their recipes as much as the Aussie one. I really appreciate the kind thought though.

      Hope to see you both soon 🙂

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