Mindless Moments

Courtesy: careers.guardian.co.uk

I sit at my desk staring at the screen. Again. Another minute, another hour, another day slips away looking at the screen, sitting in an office. Another day, another dollar. Life spent manipulating words and numbers. Another day of mundane and meetings, emails and letters, customers and calls, budgets and boredom, mindless, monotonous, wasteful, useless. And I wonder, is this all God has for me?

I volunteer in my church and give generously but surely God could use my day time more wisely. Say, if I was in a developing country or working for the church or a charity. Maybe if I was a nurse or a teacher or counsellor where I could be helping others in a tangible way my time, my life would be more valuably spent. But here in the office, a grunt, a cog in a machine, replaceable, dispensable, a carbon copy, surely there’s no purpose in this job that simply makes the rich richer and keeps me off the streets.

Or maybe God does have a purpose for me, as I sit in at my desk for another day, another week, another year. His purpose could be for me to:

  1. Learn patience, perseverance, commitment, stewardship, integrity; resist temptation, servant hood, submission, contentment.


  1. Share Christ with colleagues and clients, be a living testimony, pray for them and with them. In meetings take a moment to look at them and see them through His eyes and pray, pray, pray for them and their salvation.


  1. Give to others encouragement, friendship, acceptance, love, great service, strong ethics, boundaries, working for Christ and not for man.


  1. Grow and develop the skills and experiences I need for the job He has written into my future. To acquire understanding and wisdom at different levels of life so when I rise to leadership I remember and respect others.


  1. Find joy in my circumstances, in serving others, in working for a cause, with a cause, finding my passion in the office, in that my work allows space for my passions outside the office, in that my value is not in my title or tasks but in Christ and who I am in Him.


I sit at my desk staring at the screen. Again. Praying in my heart. Thanking Christ for this job. Another minute, another hour, another day slips away looking at the screen. I thank Him for what He is teaching me, for His purpose, His plan in this, although I can’t always see it or understand His work. Another day, another dollar, another chance to give of myself and my earnings. Life spent manipulating words as I pray for those around me, as I learn, share, give, grow and find joy at a desk, in an office, again.

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