Touchy Toothbrushes

God’s timing is so funny sometimes it makes me laugh. Like yesterday – in the morning I felt lonely and was tempted to be miserable as I once again put my lone toothbrush into the holder designed for a family of six. It looked so wrong, so lonely, so isolated, and so pathetic. A bit like … me? And the bad thoughts came crowding in like crashing, dumping waves.

The choice before me was to drown and let the waves of doubt bring me down or to fight the temptation with the Truth of the Word of God. In order to ignore the enticement of a pity party and making the best of a bad situation I decided to be thankful I could put my toothbrush in any slot I choose and so I moved it to another one, just for because I could.

 “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. “ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Several hours later I was so glad I had chosen thankfulness when toothbrushes came up during the work lunch table conversation. Strange, but true. The married women were whingeing about having to always get the same colour toothbrushes for their families so people could remember who owned which one and they all had to go in their own slot. One woman even complained about how her husband uses anybody’s toothbrush he happens to pick up – eww!

As I listened I remembered my solitary toothbrush at home, whose colour I couldn’t remember but know it is different to my last one and the one before that because I like to mix up the colours. And I thought of how clean my toothbrush would be having only been in my hand and my mouth. Now I wasn’t just thankful out of choice but with understanding of the Gift of Toothbrush Singleness.

I find comfort in the paradox that it’s the small things, like toothbrushes, always being the one to choose what you eat for dinner, that bring feelings of loneliness and struggle to singleness; and those same small things can also bring the most joy and thankfulness to singleness.

It’s like God is challenging us in each and every small moment to choose thankfulness and joy over feelings of isolation and misery. Which are you going to choose today?

What small things do you find are a paradox in your life between thankfulness and temptation to grumble? Share yours in the comments below.

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