Into the Firey Furnance We Go

I can’t believe God is making me go in there! I felt that surely He would keep me out of the fiery furnace somehow or other. I mean, I stood up for Him and all, literally stood up for Him, despite peer pressure and fear of death! What is God thinking?

Bring on the lightning bolts and smite Nebuchadnezzar! Bring on the rain and extinguish the fire! Teleport me to another place, time or dimension! Come on God bring me a miracle and get me away from that fiery furnace!

I know I said that I trust God whether He saves me or not, I just expected a bit more saving and a little less not. Man on the outside I walk towards the furnace, mouse on the inside I question God.

Then one soldier besides me coughs, gasps and falls. The heat of the fiery situation has killed him. Strange… Do I try to do a runner and escape? The ropes that bind me would make that difficult but… well, but, then there’s my boast about God not saving me…

Another step towards the furnace and I sneak a sideways glance at my two mates. If I didn’t know them I’d say they weren’t afraid, but I know these guys. We’ve been through terrifying ordeals before, war, slavery, persecution for our faith. I’ve seen that clenched jaw before, that slightly glazed look in the eye – these guys are doing the same internal faith / fear struggle on the inside as I am.

The next step brings comforting thoughts of how quickly one dies in the furnace. It’s not like hanging or dens of lions. This is pretty quick and painless. Maybe that’s God’s answer to our prayers…

As we are forcefully, purposefully, marched towards the fire one by one the soldiers around us fall. The heat, the smoke, the flames are all too much. Overcome they fall down dead. It’s strange but none of us run. We just keep walking, walking, into the fire. It’s like we can’t help ourselves, we can’t stop, something inside compels us on as if the fire is the place we know we need to be, it’s our destiny, the place we are being called to, drawn into, and unguarded, unaided, totally on our own we take that last step into fire and certain death.

With that last, fatal step into the fire I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I open them, cautiously, curiously. Shock! It’s not heaven I see but fire, friends and, and, not fear, not faith but Him! It’s the Creator, the Messiah, the Son of God, Jesus! Here! With us! In the Fire!

I can’t believe the fire didn’t kill us. I can’t believe God sent us here. I can’t believe Jesus is in the fire with us. Our ropes have disappeared. We can walk freely. We could walk out of the furnace. We choose to stay. Here, in the midst of potential pain and death is the moment of a life time. A moment to spend personal time with Jesus. To hear His voice, to feel His presence comforting, encouraging, loving us. We don’t want to leave. As our eyes are on Him, the fire dims and seems to fade away.

King Nebuchadnezzar spoils it all. He calls us out. Out of death that turned into life. Out of punishment and pain that brought healing and joy. We feel like our time is cut short, we’d prefer to stay. But, man, what an experience! What a testimony! I want to sing and shout His praises!

Next time it comes to a fiery furnace – I’m putting my hand up! God is amazing and He can make the worst circumstances the highlight of life!

Sometimes in life God asks us to walk through an experience like cancer or divorce or unemployment or depression. When He could rescue us from it with a miracle, He asks us to go into the fiery furnace, with Him, so we can meet Him in a unique, life changing way. If you’re in a fiery furnace circumstance today, look up, because God is there with you.

Has there been a time in your life where you felt like you were in a fiery furnace? Share your experiences below.

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4 thoughts on “Into the Firey Furnance We Go

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  2. Great words, Gail. Its amazing, I spoke on this very subject on Monday night 11/06 in Timaru Christian Centre, NZ. Your words are comforting and challenging at the same time. God is with us, even through the fires of life.

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