Reflections at EOFY


The end of financial year (EOFY) is a time when business reflects on the year past and starts moving towards accomplishing the goals for the coming FY. It can also be a good time for us as individuals to reflect on how we’re travelling and celebrate our achievements.

One of my achievements for 2011 is the creation of this blog. I enjoy thinking of creative ways to express truths and thoughts I’ve had about God and the Bible. And I love getting feedback from you, my readers.

In the last 5 months since this blog was started these are the Top Ten Posts with the highest hits:

  1. Opportunity Cost
  2. About (recently updated so you may like to check out the changes)
  3. Farewell Speech
  4. Eyes of Betrayal
  5. How do you hold your laptop?
  6. What do Cars and Character have in Common?
  7. Jesus Doesn’t Carry Me
  8. Does Plastic Surgery Stick in Heaven?
  9. Dinner Guests Part 2
  10. Is His “No” an Acceptable Answer?

I wouldn’t have picked all of these to be in the Top Ten but there they are. I am a little suspicious that No 1 is at the top because students search for the Opportunity Cost graph I have as the illustration 🙂

My Top Three Favourites are:

  1. Thankful for That!?!
  2. Concrete Crumbs and Splintered Dreams
  3. Jumped by Jealousy

Do you agree with the Top Ten or my favourite Top Three list? What was your favourite post so far? Add your pick in the comments below.

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