God’s Kindest Act

What do think is the kindest act of God in the Bible, outside of the Salvation story? Yes – kind. Not loving, not creative, not just, not gracious. Just plain kind. Have a think… got it? Now read on.

In my view I think the story in Judges 7:9-15 shows a kind, gentle side of God unlike any other. This is part of the story of Gideon. At this point Gideon had tested God not once, not twice but three times! Just to make sure it was God who asked him to do this crazy thing.

Now I can understand the need for clarification about his  instructions. I mean, God had asked Gideon to take 300 men to go fight 135,000 soldiers. This is very crazy, dangerous thing to do, unless you’ve heard from Almighty God. And Gideon was not a General or even a trained soldier. So what confirmation did Gideon have?

  1. He saw the Angel of the Lord make a meal on a rock combust into flames.
  2. God made dew on a fleece on dry ground.
  3. God made a dry fleece on wet ground.

Then when Gideon was convinced, had his army set and he was ready to act on God’s plan, then came the act of kindness. In the middle of the night, a smiling God whispered gently down to Gideon “How about one last confirmation buddy? Take a friend, sneak down to the enemy camp, and see what I can do.”

When they get there, God has orchestrated that in the very place they sneak up to is two guards. One is telling the other about a dream he’s just had about how bread rolled down into the camp and squashed it. The other guard then interprets it (“from his head”) that Gideon will come and destroy the their army.

The kindness is in that Gideon didn’t need more confirmation. God had already stretched grace and mercy to Gideon three times before. Another confirmation, well, I don’t think even Gideon would have had the courage to ask God for more confirmation. Giving this extra little bonus was a small but huge act of kindness of a loving God. Just what Gideon needed to get him psyched and ready for VICTORY!!!

What do you think God’s kindest act was (other than Salvation)? Share your ideas below.

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