Renovation Rescue


I love my walking in my neighbourhood. I like looking at all the homes. Every street has its own salute to styles from a variety of decades. A fifties brown brick bungalow shares a fence with a house finished just weeks ago. Across the road is a renovated miners cottage that was originally a small house on a huge block. Over the years it has evolved into a house of many additions on a small block, having been subdivided in the nineties.

Some of the houses have been recently renovated and their paint glows in the early morning sun. Others are aging with their owners, wrinkly, fuzz growing in odd places, sun spots showing, fashion from a bygone era. Having lived in the same home for over eighty years, no longer having the energy to keep up with the maintenance, the houses and owners are showing signs of wear and tear.

Passing houses on my walk today I started thinking about renovating. At some point a house stops being new and needs some maintenance and renovating. Some houses need a little bit of a paint job, some need the front path redone, some need major work, some need house and yard work done.

Our lives can be like our houses. We all need a little house and yard renovation at times. Every now and then we need to take a step back and assess where we’re at and do some work. If we don’t then the storms of life can bring us a maintenance emergency where the roof caves in and the foundations give way leaving us sitting in the muddy wreckage, rain dripping from our chins.

We may need a bit of cosmetic paint work done by refurbishing our wardrobes to bring our fashion up to date. It may be time to extend ourselves to allow room for new friends or hobbies. We may need to downsize, declutter and reduce our commitments. Maybe our foundations need some reenforcement with some serious studying of our core beliefs. Or we could simply need to spend some time weeding out some bad attitudes from the front yard where all can see them choking our life blossoms.

Between the house and the yard, there is always work that needs to be done. It’s not matter of if  work needs to be done, but what and when. And it takes time to renovate, weed, repair and build. Even a Renovation Rescue type show can only accomplish so much in a day or a weekend. This is when a priority order is required. If the roof is leaking or the toilet is blocked, these are probably your first priority, like if you have a stinky habit that has a seriously negative impact on others. Longer grass in the yard in winter or a unpolitically correct opinion about global warming are usually ok to slide into last place on the priority list.

Like a house, our lives, ourselves, always need work. The tough part can be firstly realising that it’s time to repair or renovate, and secondly doing the work. It can be messy, costly, emotional even, but in the end your life, your home, will be better for the effort you have put in and more people will want to live around you.

Take time today to consider your life. Is there things that need repairing, removing or renovating? Share your thoughts below.

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