A New Season is Coming. Don’t get excited.

In the height of harvest and the joys of summer a prophet tells you that a new season is coming. Excitement mounts as everyone thinks of more summer sunshine and harvest profits rolling it. No one remembers that after summer comes the autumn and the winter before spring and harvest seasons.

Barely realising that harvesting has stopped you don’t really notice the season changing around you. Before you know it the cold winds blow in. Profits are not standing before them in the fields just waiting to be gathered. Leaves are falling. Clouds are threaten darkly. Summer joys are vaporizing into a distant memory. Life is becoming tough.

Days start and end in the dark. Freezing temperature greet you each morning, a constant companion throughout the day. Tasks are harder as you fight against the rain. For days on end you’re wet, miserable, fingers, toes and noses numb. It takes energy from within to fight the desire to stay in bed, to get up instead and be productive in your work.

There’s ploughing and fertilising to be done. Mending, rearranging, weeding, pruning, cutting, burning. Finally it is time to sow the seed.

Then as snow covers the land you can only have faith that under the bleakness life is germinated and a spring will bring life and hope of harvest. In the dreariness of this winter season it can be hard to believe, hard to see beyond today’s struggles to a new season of plenty.

The sun rises and the sun sets and time moves forward, a new season comes and summer harvest begins again. The pain of autumn and winter are forgotten in spring delights and summer celebrations. And the prophet comes and foretells of a new season that looms on the horizon and we dream of a longer summer and a forever harvest…

I don’t know if you have experienced this allusion when one of God’s prophet’s tells of a new season that you, or others, assume it can only be a positive season full of great things. I’ve seen it. I’ve been then, falling for my own misconceptions. Yet every year nature shows us that there are easy seasons and tough seasons. One follows the other, same as always.

Whether you face a summer or a winter, you can know this too will end. Like it or not, prophesy or not. After this comes the next season, and we know it can only be the season that comes next in line. There are never two winters or two summers in a row. There may be an occassionally long summer, but it too will succumb to the falling leaves of autumn. Why we get surprised when winter comes and then when winter ends is strange, but we do.

Take a moment today to think about which season you are now in. Think about which season is next and what that may look like for you.

Are you entering a new season in your life? Which season have you been assuming it will be? Summer, autumn, winter or spring?

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5 thoughts on “A New Season is Coming. Don’t get excited.

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  3. I think I’m in the middle of a season and though its not a tough time it definitely isn’t what I’d call easy (or plentiful). My guess its either autumn or a warm winter but what ever it is I’m looking forward to the next one cause what ever season you’re in there are new opportunities and challenges in the next one, the things that make life fun.

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