The Decision Dance


 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8 (NKJV)

Standing there, moving your weight from one foot to you’re unconsciously doing the Decision Dance. It’s a slow but almost anxious dance.  The movements change with your thought process as you consider the finer points of the choice before you. And as you sway to the assessment melody you barely notice that you’re swinging in the shops as you weigh up the cost of that totally gorgeous pair of shoes.

The music in your mind is a series of questions that need to be felt through rather than demanding a logic answer. The considerations follow the path of

→   These are really cute shoes, but do I really need them?

→   Is it really a question of need? Can’t I have them just because I want them?

→   They are on special and I do have the cash on me now, but that was for dinner out with the girls, but maybe I can go cheap on food and still get the shoes?

→   Or maybe I can change my niece’s planned birthday present to something cheaper…. She’s only 3 and won’t notice…. Then maybe…

→   And just think of all the outfits I could wear these hot pink with lime green bow shoes with…..

→   I really need to make a decision here or else I’m going to be late. To pay or not to pay?

So the deliberation dance continues until you decide whether you’re will to pay or not to pay not only the cash price for the shoes but also the cost to the rest of your life.

At the end of the Decision Dance the deciding factor is one of value. Do you value the shoes more than you value whatever else it will cost you by getting the shoes? And if you think the shoes are valuable you will pay whatever the cost demanded.

It’s a bit like people running back into a burning building – you wouldn’t do it for that pair of shoes you bought on a whim and are the ugliest most uncomfortable thing you barely wore for an hour once…. but for the right pair of shoes, that pair you value above all… maybe… probably not. But if you did save a pair of shoes from a burning building, wouldn’t they be the most valuable pair of shoes you would ever own? You would be almost tempted to place them tenderly into a glass box on display for all to see. “Look at these shoes folks – do you know what I paid for these? I risked my life for these cuties!”

Do you know that when Jesus stood there, facing the cross, doing the Decision Dance, He didn’t have to ask Himself if You were of value enough to pay the price. He didn’t ask Himself –  are they worth it? To pay or not to pay? He already knew – you are worth it! The mere fact that He paid the price for your eternal life makes you something of great value.  Hear that again:

The fact that Christ died for you, makes you something of immense value.

Now back to the shoes… they really are so cute, now if I just….

Have you done the Decision Dance? Do you agree that the bigger the price the more you value something? Share your thoughts below.

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