Jesus Doesn’t Carry Me

We don’t expect our babies to carry their own baby bags. It can bring a smile seeing a dad carry his daughter’s pink Minnie Mouse backpack to preschool. But should we see a high school footballer walking beside his mum as she carries his bag to school for him – well, we wouldn’t have to mock in disrespect because that simply wouldn’t happen. Sometime during primary school we learn to shoulder our responsibility and carry our own burden, our own school bag.

Yes, Jesus will carry us through times in our life when we are facing intense grief, pain or suffering. However, I believe that other times He expects us to carry our own cross. He wants to strengthen us and help us to grow up. This is when Jesus comes along side us, like the Coach in Facing the Giants during a death crawl challenge.

It starts with Coach walking alongside a blindfolded Brock with the occasional word of encouragement. As the distance increases and Brock gets more and more exhausted the Coaches words and actions become more intense and urgent. In the end he is on his hands and knees moving alongside of urging, screaming, compelling him to “DON’T QUIT! DON’T QUIT! DON’T QUIT!”

With the Coach at his side Brock was able to do the incredible, the amazing, something beyond everyone’s expectations.

Jesus does this to us too. He wants us to do amazing things in our lives. As our coach He will get down on His knees, crawl along side us and urge us “DON’T QUIT! DON’T QUIT! DON’T QUIT!”

It may not be a death crawl, it may be illness, it may be a relationship with a family member, it may be a job, it may be a ministry. Whatever it is, it will be tough, it will be a challenge, it will seem impossible at times, but with THE COACH championing you, you can go further than you ever imaged.

If you haven’t seen Facing the Giants I love that movie. It’s worth watching. And my favourite scene of all movies of all times, is in the clip below for you.

Don’t Quit!

What do you think? Do you agree that Jesus won’t carry you?

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Doesn’t Carry Me

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  2. My youngest daughter has taught me HEAPS about encouragement. She does it for me ALL the time. I then get inspired and have done my best to inspire others. Some people ( like Me) need things pointed out to them, and a whole lot of encouragement helps strengthen the resolve. Thanks D. you are so very good for/to me.

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