Dinner Guests – Part 2

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The challenge was set. A challenge some of you met, and some of you, I know you’re still thinking about. The challenge? To consider which 5 people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner if you could.

 Thank you so much to those of you who added your list to the comments. You have really put some thought into that.
I’m not really an invite people to dinner type of person. One of the hassles of singleness is that you can’t cook and serve and chat with guests at the same time. If I want to catch up with a friend it’s usually over breakfast or coffee at a cafe.
No, I don’t really do dinners but I do have parties at my place. I’ve been here almost two years and on a quick count, I’ve had 15 parties of various shapes and sizes in that time. Why parties? I have the space for it in my “Party Shed” and I have a big family that doesn’t fit easily in normal sized houses any more. The most people I’ve had for one party was eighty something.
Sometimes I have had a say over the guest list, sometimes I haven’t. Either way there’s always more people to invite than first intended. We’ve all had that dilemma of whom to invite and who not to invite – even if it’s only for an imaginary “dead or alive 5 Dinner Guests.” 
In our 5 Dinner Guests list decisions our thought process is a little different to one for a regular dinner or party. Then it’s more about who’s available of friends and family, what type of party it is and how many seats we have.  When facing the endless choice of people who have ever lived our minds move towards people we don’t know and haven’t met. People who have had some sort of influence on our lives. People like Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, Mozart or one of our ancestors.
Most of us don’t include family or friends on our 5 Dinner Guests list. We look wider, further, higher. We want people outside our normal circles. We want people we admire and look up to.
With all these thoughts about guest lists, I have to ask myself – would I make anyone’s 5 Dinner Guests list? Does anyone admire me enough to see me as a special guest? Someone wider, further, higher than their normal circle of guests? Do I make enough of a difference in someone else’s life to be included on their list?
It’s not really about making someone’s list. I’m not asking for dinner invitations either. These questions are simply a reminder to make our lives count; to have an impact on someone else’s life; to be someone others look up to.
And maybe, just maybe, the best way to do this is not by becoming such a well-known person that you’ll make many “5 Dinner Guests” lists, maybe the best way to use your life to impact others, is to start small, with people in your world. Maybe it is as simple as invite a friend or two for dinner, spend time with them, listen to them and let them know you care about them.
Are you ready to change your 5 Dinner Guests list? Who in your world would be blessed with a dinner invitation from you this week?
Share your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “Dinner Guests – Part 2

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  3. Ouch, I have to admit, that hurt!!! I HAVE NOT done my best to impact others lives. Thanks for the ‘Wake Up’ ………..I think! ;o)

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