Dinner Guests – Part 1

Courtesy: bridalbar.squarespace.com

We’ve all been asked the question – if you could invite 5 people alive or dead to dinner who would they be? If it’s in a quick, ‘get to know you’ situation then we just rattle off the first five names that come to mind. I faced this question again recently when Josh set the challenge on his blog in February. I seriously thought about it for a few days before answering. One thing was clear though, it would be a long beautiful dinner, in a beautiful place (maybe like the picture above but more colour and less bridal), and definitely catered. After much thought here is my answer:
1. Jesus – Got a couple of questions lined up for Him ;-P
2. My Grandad – who I didn’t get a chance to really know when he was alive.
3. My husband – it WOULD be nice to finally meet him!
4. Esther (from the Bible) – I’ve always wanted to know if she was really as quiet as I think she was and how she played the harem political game.
5. Joseph (from Genesis) – What a man of faith!!! (see Ps 105 v 16-22). Again, I see his character a little different to the way others see it and would like to see what his character is really like.
So today’s challenge is for you is:
  1. Think about which 5 people – alive or dead – you would invite to dinner.
  2. Add them to the comments below.
  3. Then wait for Dinner Guests Part 2 and it’s challenge.

7 thoughts on “Dinner Guests – Part 1

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  2. 1. Jesus (naturally!)
    2. My husband…Love him!
    3. My beautiful Nana who now resides in “paradise.”
    4. Elvis (softly singing “How Great Thou Art.”)
    5. Jimmy Stewart (prayerfully living a “wonderful life.”)

  3. 1) God – a given
    2) My Husband too, if I ever have one…
    3) Eve – I DON’T LIKE IRONING!!
    4) Celine Dion – She seems like SUCH a nice person
    5) Mrs Wilson – my Std 1 teacher

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