Whose life is it anyway?

What do spies and the Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS) have in common? Having seen about seven minutes of a Women of War documentary and about seven hours of Chuck in the last two days I can ensure you that they have a lot in common.

For those of you who haven’t been blessed enough to watch Chuck, he is a computer nerd who accidentally becomes a spy for the CIA. As the episodes fly by his life, priorities and personality change. No longer is his life his own to do with whatever he wishes. Now his activities, actions, words and even thoughts are directed by the CIA. He lays down living life the way he wants to for the greater good.

Young women around the world answered the call of their nations in World War Two as they stepped up to do “men’s work” both as civilians and as members of the AWAS. Women who signed up with the AWAS simply did an IQ test and a medical exam before being assigned their role in the war. For some this was very important, top-secret, underground communications work. For others it was administration, nursing or working in ammunitions factories. For hundreds more it unexpectedly meant days and days of back-breaking fruit and vegetable picking in farms in the middle of no where, for months on end, in order to feed the nation and release farm hands for the frontlines as they were assigned to join the Australian Women’s Land Army. Like any good soldier they received their orders, gave up their right to choose their own activities, actions and words for the greater good, for their home land. In the process their lives and their personalities changed.

As Christians we often glibly say “I’ve given my life to Christ”, yet we don’t live like we have. We make our own decisions about life. We don’t check in for daily orders. We don’t patiently do the task given to us, instead we covert the role someone else fills. We aren’t good soldiers. Our priorities, our personalities, our lives don’t change. We are selfish and don’t think of the greater good, the Kingdom of God.

Chuck, as a spy, has a cover story that includes him working at the Buy More Store as a “Nerd Herder” (computer help desk person). This is not a glamorous or even thankful task. It is a minimum wage job and there is nowhere to go from there. Yet he goes to work each day to keep his cover in tact. He is content in this role because he knows that there is more to his job than just computers, he is making a difference in the world.

Sometimes God gives us our dream job, often He doesn’t. Sometime we get the life we planned or expected, often we don’t. If you have truly given your life to Christ, surely He has the right to set your “cover story” to anything He may choose, to give you the best opportunity to complete your real job, your real mission – that of tell people the Good News of Jesus.

So if you’re stuck picking fruit or answering boring computer questions day in day out and you wonder if God’s got you in the wrong place, stop and ask Him if He actually has a real mission for you under this cover story.

Do you have a real Kingdom of God mission in your workplace? Do you see God using you in the place He has put you or are you coverting the role someone else is filling?

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3 thoughts on “Whose life is it anyway?

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  2. This is so true! I work with homeless teens in a non christian organisation. I have found that at times I am able to share God and Jesus with my clients without breaking the boundaries my organisation has set. It’s almost like being undercover! But each time the Holy Spirit has prompted me to share his love with these hungry lost children, He sustains my job with no reprecussions! Step out!! be an undercover agent in YOUR workplace!!

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