Not So Good Friday

 The Thursday before Easter had been the longest day ever and it still wasn’t over. Trying to get everything done at work before the Easter break had been hectic. No one was listening to him, even though he’s the boss, and those that did listen totally misunderstood. His team mates had totally let him down on a few occasions. Then a friend had stabbed him in the back, but it was to his face – can you have a “stab in the front?” He didn’t know and right now, on no sleep and extremely stressed, he didn’t care.
That was just work. Home life wasn’t much better. All night there’d been this ongoing argument about who got their way. In the end  he’d just given in and submitted. It had been a loose – loose kind of argument anyway – not being able to spend the weekend with all his friends or get the coldest shoulder from his beloved. The stress of all the stuff that was happening in his relationships and friendships right now had him in a sweat – literally.
At this moment, exhausted, smelly, hungry, he was being accused of something he hadn’t done. The fall out from that stab in the front. He decided to just take whatever these corporate bullies were going to throw at him so he could just move on, face the music and get this not so good Friday over.
Bullying over and trying to get where he needed to be he was severely beaten up by a bunch of thugs. Now add bruise, blood and pain to the fatigue and hunger, his own stench and the stress.
Like a true martyr he had the courage to face the affliction and the pain. To walk bravely to meet his death. Not an unknown death, one he had seen others suffer as he walked through this part of town before, one that had been predetermined before time began. It wasn’t the physical pain. It wasn’t the fear of death. No, these weren’t the cause of his stress, his agony, his pain.
It was the knowledge that the burden he was about to put on his shoulders, the weight he was choosing to carry, the price he was willing to pay, meant that for the first time in all eternity he would be separated from his beloved father.
It was carrying the burden of my sin and your sin so that he could pay the price for it, that was what caused Jesus Christ agony and stress on Good Friday. It wasn’t the physical pain. It wasn’t the fear of death. It wasn’t even fatigue, hunger or concern for his mum. It was simply, yet not so simply, paying for our sins so he could offer us the free gift of eternal life. Jesus choose the path of pain, suffering and separation from Love itself so that He could have a relationship with us.
Jesus chose a not so good friday to give us the perfect Good Friday. For that all I can say is “Thank you Jesus.”
What does Good Friday mean to you this year? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
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3 thoughts on “Not So Good Friday

  1. It is difficult to wrap my thoughts around—–HOW can I rejoice that something SO DREADFUL be the pathway to something SO FANTATIC. I should rejoice, and I do, but it was NOT a nice time for any of the Godhead….

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