What’s a blog?

Courtesy: flickr.com

I know that some of my readers are new to the world of blogs. I’m delighted that you have been interested enough in my writing to come into this world just to see what I have to say. To give you a better understanding of what blogs are all about I have found this YouTube clip that explains blogs for you.

Blogs in Plain English

Comments aren’t really covered in this video but they are an important part of blogs. Comments is the tool that allows us to have a conversation about topics brought up in the post. They allow people from across the globe to have their say and discuss their opinions, thoughts and feelings on a subject. They also give feedback to the blogger to let them know what people think about their posts.

If you have any questions about blogs please write them in the comments below. Or if you can answer someone’s question about blogs please “reply” to their comment with the answer.

Do you agree? Add your thoughts to the discussion.

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