Weeding Inside and Out

Courtesy: rainforest-save.blogspot.com

There is something special about weeding. Yes, I admitted it – I like weeding! I don’t like how quickly weeds grow or that they always seem to be there, every time you turn around, but I enjoy weeding my garden. Hands in the dirt, pulling out grass, digging deep into the soil to conquer those elusive roots, seeing a clear patch of soil at the end of the battle.

One thing I like about weeding is that it reminds me of sin. Yes, sin – the wrong we do. There are so many parallels between weeds in gardens and sins in our lives. Consider these:

    1. Sometimes we can’t identify the bad from the good. Have you ever looked at something in the garden and, not sure whether it was a weed or not, you left it in the soil to continue growing? This is where people with more experience in gardening are invaluable. They can show us what to weed out and what’s worth keeping. In life, sometimes we can’t see the sin in our lives, we think something is ok until someone else points them out to us like selfishness, arrogance and jealousy.
    2. Some roots go really deep. Unforgiveness is one of those things that can twist and turn and bury it’s roots deep inside and refuse to budge.  We may think we have dealt with an unforgiveness issue when suddenly the fruit of bitterness raises it’s head again to let us know we have to dig deeper to get the whole thing out.
    3. First go doesn’t always work. Weeds and sin can be persistent. They can keep sneaking back into our lives. We have to keep working at things until we get the weeds completely out and they don’t return. This can be things like rebellion, being prejudice or judgemental.
    4. Little weeds hide behind the big ones. While it’s often easier to just tackle mountain of grass weeds, tiny weeds will grow in that patch you thought was clear and perfect yesterday like bad attitudes and pride.
    5. If you leave it, things will only get worse. Weeds, like sin, need our time and attention to get them out of our life. If we don’t get intentional about removing them they will grow bigger and worse, choking the very life out of us and all we hold dear.
    6. Good things can come out of the bad. Compost is a great use for dead weeds. This is an example of good coming from bad. Once we conquer a sin area in our own life we may be able to help someone else conquer the same thing in their own life.
    7. Sometimes we need help.  Somethings are just too big, too deep, too specialised for us to deal with ourselves. Then we call in the experts – the tree surgeon, the landscaper, a counsellor, our pastor, or God Himself.

Do you agree? Why or why not?

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