Making Special Saturday Memories


It was a beautiful, sunny, warm, cloudless Saturday. Weather perfection after a week of consistent rain. An answer to my prayers. Better yet I had nothing planned for the day. No meetings, no camps, no events to organise, no people to visit, no assignments to do. The day was my own šŸ™‚

So about 10:30am, just as the day was really starting to warm up, I laced up my sneakers, put a hat on my head, wrapped on sunglasses and headed for the lake.

Usually when I walk along the lake it’s a week day, it’s early in the morning and I’m on holidays while the rest of the world goes about their normal routine. This day was a Saturday, it was mid morning and it was perfect weather. This made all the difference in my walking experience.

The cars parked up the side street along a feeder creek where not parked there by employees of nearby business. They were family cars of footy players of all ages. Under the bridge a mid twenties blonde man sat in his red car, door open, legs out, fishing pole in hand, line in the creek. Rounding the corner to the park near the lake I saw mums and aunts sitting under a temporary shade, watching dads take the teens out on the boat to ski and wake board.

The kids cycle, skate and skooterĀ park was crawling with young kids. Parents fondly watching from the side lines with prammed siblings. Couples cycled along the pathways at cruising speed, enjoying the day. Older people walked their dogs on leashes.


On the grass a dad kicked the footy between his two young sons. Under the pergola five mums chatted while their five babies lay on quilts sucking the life out of chew toys. Occasionally a dad rode by with baby in a trailer. I smiled as I thought about the mums at homeĀ moving at top speed to take fullĀ advantage of the child free home to clean and tidy.

I headed out onto the jetty. The sight that met me there was pure delight. Two wrinkly experts on all things fishing had taken up residence. Standing between them was a young boy of about four. Long sleeved shirt, pants, sneakers and hat kept him safe from the sun. A bright yellow life jacket kept him safe from the water. And tucked tightly between his little legs he kept Pop’s fishing pole safe from being dropped into the water. There was lots of rebaiting and casting by the grandfathers. There was lots of reeling in of the line by the preschooler. There was not any fish being caught. Yet, there was lots of wonderful memories being made in the life of both the grandfathers and of the young child.

Further around the lake I took a seat on a bench and looked out onto the water. As I sat I prayed, marvelled at God’s amazing creation and created my own memories with Him. The highlight of that time was when God had one of His fish jump high out of the water just in front of me. It made me smile.

Saturday was a perfect day for making memories.Ā It made me think of childhood and family and summers past.

What is your favourite thing to do on a beautiful summers day? What are your best memories from childhood. Share them in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Making Special Saturday Memories

  1. Birds remind me that God is near, the gentle warmth of sunshine on a cool day is like a hug and butterflies are such fun. Sunsets remind me of the awesomeness of God , his majesty and creativity. Nature certainly speaks loudly if we take the time to listen.

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