Sunday Morning Funeral


To my utter horror and dismay this day has come. I am left. Alone. Cold. In the dark. To grieve. In silence. Mourning what was and what might have been. Farewell. Sorrow. The end of a season… …literally.

I love Daylight Savings time! It brings long joyous days of summer, warmth, family, fun, beach and Christmas 🙂 Opportunity to get stuff done and to play in daylight after work ends each day. I celebrated when the government extended daylight savings a few years ago. Even when the calendar tells me autumn has come, I still act and dress like it is summer until that dreaded day when I have to press that button to accept the time change on my phone 😦

I hate winter time. Getting up in the dark. Driving home from work in the dark. Finding it hard to believe that there actually was some sunlight sometime during those hours I spent in the office…

The only good thing about regular time is that Daylight Savings will come again and a new season of light and fun and laughter will begin once more.

So when I woke up yesterday and reluctantly accepted the changing time on my phone, I wished I could have held a funeral for the end of another glorious summer season. To celebrate what was and to mourn what could have been.

Some seasons in life we look forward to and relish – like the birth of a child, starting university, the beginning of a new relationship. Others we are more than happy to see the end of – like a battle with cancer, the pain of divorce, workplace turmoil. Whichever type of season we find ourselves in today, there is always something to be grateful for, if only that this too will end and we will be able to celebrate a new season soon, for Daylight Savings is just 180 days away 🙂

Which do you prefer – summer or winter? Why?


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Funeral

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  2. I love that I could choose both Autumn and Spring in the poll! I really like inbetween weather, not too hot and not too cold!

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