Survivors Love Letters From Home



They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” John 17:16

Survivor is my all time, number one, must see TV show! I’ve been a little addicted to it for over ten years and twenty-three series. In each series of Survivor players have to get through almost thirty days with absolutely no contact from home. Nothing. No letters, no phone calls, no Skype, no smoke signals. Nothing. Then they are teased with a twenty-second greeting from a loved one.

They are in a strange situation that they haven’t faced before. The food, the beds, even the bathrooms are strange. And the people – they are strangest of all. Even in All Stars and Fans verses Favourites series the people you are sharing intensity with 24/7 are strangers and friends behaving strangely.

Letters from home bring stark reminders that there is life and love beyond the game and that Survivor is not home. A single piece of paper will give the Survivor players a new energy, a new zeal to keep playing, simply because it’s from home. They bring perspective on the situations and challenges they now face. They attest that the poverty the player is now living in is nothing, nothing, compared to the riches waiting for them eagerly at home. They bring love, comfort, security and promises.

Letters from home are treasured more than anything else in the game. For those who have been to boarding school or done college or life away from home, you know how treasured letters from home are, be they email or snail mail.

God has given us a whole book of letters from home. From our true home – heaven. Every page reminds us of His great love, His awesome power, His majestic wisdom, His peace, His promises.

If you feel like you need a letter from home today, spend time reading the one that your loving Heavenly Father has written just to you – the Bible.

Tell us about the most precious letter or message you have received in the comments below.

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