Unspoken Words Drove Him into the Ditch

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I’ve never said the words out loud. Yet even hearing them in my head has made me feel like I’m being paranoid or a little silly at times. I’ve noticed that they come to mind only when I turn my car left out of the drive way but rarely when I turn right. Why that is I don’t know, but I do know that there is power in those 5 small words that I send towards heaven “Jesus, please protect my home.”

Last Saturday a short message on my phone told me that God had answered those prayers. A 4WD driver had been either texting (neighbour’s view) or fell asleep at the wheel (what he told the police), when he went off road at over 70km per hours. At top speed he went through my back neighbour’s metal fence, hitting a tree, on through the yard into my back fence stopping less than a metre from my garage!

There is a ditch at the bottom of my yard, about a metre deep and just wide enough to jam a car tyre. I had thought it was there for drainage but God used it last Saturday as a stopping place for an out of control vehicle. Needless to say my neighbour’s fences and mine are a mangled mess of metal. Thankfully the driver walked away with minor injuries.

As close that car came to my garage, it was God’s way of protecting my house. If that 4WD had come off the road just 20 metres further down the road it would have crashed into my house, which would have splintered into match sticks around it. The accident would have split opened my home to the elements just hours before a deluge of rain.

My short, unspoken words sent a driver into the ditch at the end of my garden. Strange but true. I’m so thankful God protected my home. I won’t be thinking it silly or paranoid when I send that same prayer to heaven in future.

This experience has reminded me that God always answers our prayers, little or big, sometimes in ways we would never have dreamed of.

Question: Has God answered one of your prayers in a way you didn’t imagine He would? Add your story in the comments below.

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