Does Plastic Surgery Stick in Heaven?

So I was thinking about heaven today and I was thinking about what our new bodies that we dream about will actually be like. We all imagine that we will be “perfect” when we get to heaven (whatever perfect means for us). But what does perfect mean to God?

Will our heaven bodies simply be a younger, slimmer, healthier version of us? How old is the perfect age? 18? 21? 45? Will we have perfect complexions or will our pox and acne scars still be visible? Will my warts and moles still be on show for all to see? Will stretch marks be a thing of the past? Will my teeth be straight and my limp gone?

And heaven help me! Will all that plastic surgery stick in heaven or will she get her old nose back??? 

I don’t know the answer to all these questions because I haven’t been to heaven. I do know that we will be enough of who we are today that people will recognise us.

I do know that whatever you do or don’t look like, at whatever age is perfect for you in heaven, that you won’t worry about your features because you will be 100% totally, truly loved and accepted just as you are – warts and all – or no warts and all. I know this because that’s what heaven is – love and acceptance.

So dream away – imagine the perfect heaven body, because whether you get that or not, you will be happy!

Question: What do you think? Leave your thougts in the Comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Does Plastic Surgery Stick in Heaven?

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  2. I like the body I have, just would like a LOT LESS of it!!!
    Thought, if God WANTS, and encourages, us to create relationships here on earth, would they not be important in heaven ?

    • I believe that there are only 3 things you can take to heaven with you:

      1) Your relationship with God
      2) Your relationships with others
      3) Your character

      Fortunately we all have control over these things and can work on bring the very best of each to heaven with us 🙂

  3. I used to worry about whether I knew people well enough to recognize them in heaven – even Jesus didn’t seem the same to the disciples after his resurrection. Now however I’m more sure of God’s goodness and love and, like you say Gail, that it won’t be a problem. God is so much into building relationships and encouraging us to do the same that I’m sure he will show us the people we want to be with.

    As for our bodies – Jesus’ new body seemed fun. He could appear in a locked room and eat food. What happened to that food after he ate it – it must have somehow changed so that it could leave the room with him when he left?!

  4. Hmmmm. I’m gonna say “No, but we will be able to form our bodies any way we want.”

    How’s that for pure speculation?

    Thanks for commenting at GraceGround today. It led me to you.

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