What do Cars and Character have in Common?

Have you noticed that there are Car People and then there are Car People?   Car People have their fancy car and they wash it religiously each weekend, taking every opportunity to stand proudly by it and makes sure everyone sees it. But these Car People don’t know much more about the insides of their cars than the specs the salesman sprouted to get them to buy it.

Then there are the Car People. These are usually mechanics. They know cars! Particularly their favourite kind of car. If you see them with their car you usually can’t see their head because it’s under the bonnet or under the body. They have grease on their hands, clothes, shoes. When Car People start talking cars it doesn’t take long before it sounds like they are speaking a totally foreign language! Car People also clean their cars regularly, but not so they are shiny on the outside just to grab attention, they also clean the engine!

Then there’s me. I do the petrol and oil and water thing. I take it to the mechanic for a service twice a year. Either God washes my car with rain or our church youth group does it once a year for a fundraiser. And that’s about it. I’m not a Car Person.

Finally there’s Non Car People. They have a car. They put petrol in it. And that’s it. As long as it works ok that’s it. Even the red check engine light doesn’t get their attention.

Have you noticed this about cars and people?

Have you noticed that people treat themselves in the same way? There are  Car People who think that it’s enough to look good on the outside. They wear the “right” clothes, have all the “right” stuff. Shiny and clean, attention grabbing. Inside? Well, they don’t really know much about what’s happening on the inside or who they really are. They can quote the general stats – job, family numbers, hobbies, height and weight. But they don’t know much more about who they are.

Car People  are those who know who they are. Sanguine, controller, D, ENTJ, golden retriever, introvert, quality time, feeler, relator, influencer, global, auditory are just some of the words they will use to describe who they are in a totally foreign language. They may also look after their appearance but like the mechanic, they are more concerned about what’s happening on the inside, with their character, than on the outside.

Thirdly there’s those who know a little and do a little about their character and who they are. They may do a quiz or two but don’t spend time considering or applying what they have discovered. They may read a book or two but don’t really work on their character. It’s mostly taking a little from opportunities put in their path, like a youth car wash or annual registration check up.

Finally there are those who do nothing. They don’t know who they are and they don’t care. Character is not a word they use and they are not intentional about developing theirs. Life just happens.

I may not know much about cars and I may not take real good care of mine, but I hope that I do better with my character and learning about who I am.

Question: Are you interested in learning about who you are? Leave your comment below.

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6 thoughts on “What do Cars and Character have in Common?

  1. There are also the “Car People” who have their car looking great, sounds & runs great & they know that cars history inside & out. This car acts like a status symbol. They show off their car & brag loudly about how much they’ve spent (buying/fixing/upgrading/preening) because they feel these are the things that matter, but if you get too close to that car the owners true colors come out.
    There are those that dress nice, pay big $$$ into a group & can recite the rules but think they are more important because of these things & not they way they treat others who offer there time & skill rather than $$$ or appearance like their contribution is un-noteworthy.

    I like the other analogies though. I look forward to reading more ☺️

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  3. it’d be good if more people looked ‘under the bonnet’ a little more seriously… these days it seems there are so many things to distract us all from what actually matters…

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