I Married You Because…

Have you ever seen Green Card? It’s a 1990 romantic comedy movie about a beautiful American girl Bronte who marries George, a Frenchman. He weds to get a Green Card as a ticket to a whole new life in the United States. And she, well, her motives for marrying a total stranger are less lofty than that. Bronte wants an apartment with a roof top garden and a greenhouse that is just out of her reach as “only married couples need apply” and she wants it for herself, husband free. So marriage certificate in hand they happily seperate for life a mere matter of minutes after meeting.

Naturally the plot leads into them having to quickly learn about each other so they don’t get caught for breaking the law. As they study one another and learn about each other’s life, they fall in love as they see past the surface level facts and likes to the heart and soul of the other person. But it is not until they are in cell like interrogation rooms being grilled by suspicious immigration officials that they realise why they love their marriage partner.

Yes I like a good romance book or movie. Even more, I like to hear real life true love stories. No two couples have the same journey to love and marriage. So I often ask people how they met, fell in love and knew they wanted to marry their spouse. I like to ask them why they fell in love with them in the first place.

When I started asking others to share their love story with me it was more for the fun of hearing a new story but over time I noticed something interesting. When a couple reminisces about how they met and why they fell in love, they get a soppy look on their face, and in sharing their story a spotlight is shone on the long distance past and the first things they loved about each other is brought back into the present. If they are together when their tale is told, they will look into each others eyes and share a smile that tells of early love and secrets left unsaid. In that moment a spark of love flashes between them.

The happiest couples I know share their story often and in the retelling they are constantly reminding themselves that their reasons for falling in love were good then and are better now.

So even if a marriage began with a reason as mundane as obtaining a Green Card or a greenhouse, when love comes along it opens ones eyes to the real gifts another has to offer.

Question: What do you think are good reasons to marry someone? Would you ever marry a stranger? Add your thoughts in the Comments below.

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10 thoughts on “I Married You Because…

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  2. Last night, one of the comments was along these lines…..bear in mind, the name of this section IS ‘Single Life’… God KNOWS if He has someone He wants me to marry. MY job is to seek God, become more like Him, and, IF there IS someone ‘Out there’, I can TRUST Him to bring him into my life, even if He has to telelport him here…. ;o) LOL Another problem ‘Solved’!!

  3. It’s funny you say about saying it out loud really makes a difference, because I have found this to be so true. My hubby and I tell each other ad nauseum that we love each other and why every day. It’s second nature that something resembling that will come out of my mouth if there’s a lull in conversation even. So is it too much? Well, I was frustrated beyond belief with him the other day, but as soon as I pictured his face in my mind – my mind jumped straight to something positive I would say to him during the day. I remembered that the frustration will pass but all that good stuff that I remind myself of every day by saying it out loud will still be there tomorrow and the next day.
    So I formed the habit with my words of keeping all the good feelings and love at the forefront, despite my mood.
    The first thing the Marriage Course does is an exercise to remind couples why they married each other in the first place. It’s so key to not forget those reasons as time goes by. Situations change but you’re spouse is forever 🙂

    • Now there’s some wisdom! I that you have formed the habit of thinking and saying good about your husband. Sowing that into your marriage will reap great rewards both now and throughout your life 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Sure! =) We met through mutual friends and I started hanging out with these friends A LOT more in order to see him. He then asked me out on a date. However, he decided to join the military a year into our relationship. We both decided it would be best to not do the long distance ordeal, but could not seem to stop seeing eachother or buying tickets to fly to see eachothers…. We found out that we had broken up for the sake of the other one-Trying not to tie eachother down. This is where our story gets a little odd, we were technically not “together” when he proposed. LOL. He asked me to marry him in my apartment, but was so nervous, he placed the ring on the right hand! =) IDK, our story is not overly romantic, but for us it is a good story. We did not marry eachother for the romance-I know that sounds terrible. But while we go out on dates, we have never been the suprises or sweep one another off eachohters feet kinda couple. (IF that sentence makes sense?) We are on year 5 1/2 ish of our marriage-8 years together.

    • A different love story but very sweet all the same! It’s good that dispite the obstacle of distance, you were looking out for each other ahead of yourselves, giving you a great foundation for married life. Thanks so much for sharing, it gave me a smile 🙂

  5. It is so true! My husband and I are not particularly “lovey dovey”, but when we are asked to tell how we met and how he proposed, we do get sappy. I would never marry a stranger, as I do not trust easily. The correct reasons for marrying a person is hard to answer. Anything I can think of in response is abstract and difficult to explain. The reasons I married my husband may seem odd to others: I of course loved him, shared the same morals, family values, was attracted to him physically and mentally, to name a few….

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