It’s Valentines Day and my Christmas Decorations are still up!

Many people would be ashamed to make such a confession, particularly as their very first post! But believe it or not I’m just a teeny bit proud that the full glory of Christmas still adorns my home. It’s not that I’m a Christmas nut. It’s not that I’m avoiding the theme of Valentines Day either. The stables and angels and balls and tinsel scattered through out the house make me smile.

The reason I am proud is because these things show me that I am becoming more the person I want to be. A person who that not only believes but also lives a life where people are more important than things.

My decorations are up because the last seven weeks of my life the priority has been people, not seasons and things. The extended family Christmas was at my home this year (love that :)) quickly followed by two weeks spent helping to quickly pull a wedding together for a young couple at my church, then I was off overseas with work before the newly weds even returned from their honeymoon. On my return I was sick for three weeks straight and so I was looking after this person.

So while I can’t believe it’s already Valentines Day, I am proud that this year has started with a priority on people. But, these decorations will be down by Easter, otherwise you can call me lazy.

Can you see signs in your life that show you put people ahead of things?

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